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Married to Your Boss Mastermind for Outrageous Success!

Married to Your BossIt’s one thing to be married to your job; It’s another to be married to your boss.

Who is the boss of the 1.2 million entrepreneurial couples partnering in love and work?

Carol Kotewicz-Dencker is the chief executive officer and owns 100% of her real estate management company in Oakland California. Her husband is the chief operating officer that hires and supervises the work team while Carol focuses on sales and promotion. With their $7 million revenue the buck stops with Carol though she says, ” One year I get the lower salary, and he gets a higher salary, and the next year we reverse it.”

Susan Van Hooser works with her husband Phil Van Hooser a world class professional speaker for more than 20 years. She says, “We respect each others ideas but the final decision is my husbands. Speaking was not my dream but supporting my husband is.”

In 1999, Marsha Sweet co-founded a successful international training and development company with her husband, Derrick Sweet.  Marsha handles the bookkeeping and administration while Derrick manages sales and product-creation and she attributes part of their success in balancing their business and marriage relationships to a clear delineation of responsibility that lacks hierarchy.  “A boss mentality doesn’t really work with us,” Marsha says.  “When it’s shifted more to a partnership and an understanding that each person has their strengths and areas of responsibility within that partnership, it just evens out and balances out.  That works much better for us than any concept of who’s the boss.”

Executive director, Joseph Astrachan of the Cox Family Enterprise Center at Kennesaw State University in Georgia says, “Couples in business dispel tension when they are crystal clear who has final say about what decisions.”

How can couples in business get crystal clear for more…

purpose that truly makes a difference in the world?

passion that fuels big dreams and creates outrageous success?

profit that puts money in the bank to live the lifestyle of your dreams?

The answer is: Without master mentors they many times don’t.

Ella Koscik and her husband divorced while her firm, Management Decisions was rolling out some $85 million in sales. The reasons? Ella shared, ” He really wanted me gone, so he could take over the CEO role. He cared more about the job than the family and our marriage fell apart.”

Let’s face it…


Even in the happiest marriages, jointly operating a business can be risky.
It’s tempting to bring work home or bring your personal life to work.
The fine line that divides career and relationship has a tendency to blur,
creating a different set of challenges encountered in traditional employer-employee relationships.

Married to Your Boss Master MindTop challenges of couples in business…

Big ego’s unchecked at the door

Blurring the boundaries between boardroom and bedroom

Discounting your partner’s time, sweat, or labor

Growing apart emotionally and sexually

Lack of fairness in work and home responsibilities

Micro-managing each others every task and responsibility

Neglecting a healthy work-life balance

Over focus on company brand more than loving bond

Personal problems such as addictions, affairs, and abuse

Superficial communication about core problems

Taking each other for granted from constant contact

My wife, Rhonda  has been a full time and part time supportive spouse working with me in our coaching and speaking business for more than 20 years. We survived and learned how to thrive in a marriage of 26+ years. I appreciate her help to run the business like a well-oiled machine, making sure the deposits are made and bills paid on time, reports are generated, and customers are happy. She appreciates my skills to bring more business and revenue, creating a more flexible schedule, freeing her to take time off for the kids or grand kids and earn more money for the household. We both appreciate respect.

Working together can be enjoyable when you’re married to your best friend. You both have talents to bring to the venture. You get to spend more time together, doing what you love, with the person you love. Being married to your boss can literally grow a stronger commitment and a deeper partnership. Working together can catapult your emotional connection and appreciation for your spouse. Being married to your boss is the surprising secret to a stronger marriage!


1. Are you contemplating forming a new business venture together?
85% of newlyweds want to work with their spouse and are skeptical about corporate life.

2. Are you storming in your current relationship or business?
Maybe struggling with conflict, poor performance, and not getting the results you want.

3. Are you already performing at a high level of marriage and business?
There’s a divine restlessness to grow from a 6 figure to 7 figure business.  

4. Are you transforming your marriage and business?
Maybe there is an inner nudge to slow down to enjoy more life and prepare for succession.

Whatever stage of relationship or business you’re in, my Married To Your Boss Mastermind Program will systematically take you from where you are to where you want to be! You will cut years off of your learning curve by joining a mastermind program.


  • Accelerate your marriage and business growth in less time
  • Boost your sales- My friend skyrocketed from $5,000 to $150,00 on product by masterminding
  • Create new relationships and networks across the world
  • Deepen your marriage by learning from the masters in marriage
  • Expand business models and marketing ideas

Masterminding is nothing new. Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich wrote about the power of masterminding in 1937. It’s the one system that high achievers credit to their outrageous success.
Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone would mastermind together and look what the results are!

Together through Married To Your Boss MASTERMINDING we will show you…

How to get your partner on board the working together train.
How to make your love bloom and business boom!
How to partner with more purpose, more passion, more profit.
How to triple your customer base and take more cash to the bank.
How to really make time and enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.
How to have a stronger marriage and a stronger business.


  • You and your spouse get 2 inspirational entertaining tele-coaching calls each month
  • Access to recordings and transcripts
  • Cutting edge up to date research for couples in business
  • 20% discount on coaching sessions and live events  
  • $1 dollar trial offer for the first month


Some of the high value content subjects that will be discussed are…

  • 3 Types of Entrepreneurial Couples: Which one are you?
  • Creative Ways to Divide Work and Home Responsibilities
  • 4 Customer Needs that Entrepreneurial Couples Can Turn Into Cash
  • Better Boundaries from Boardroom to Bedroom
  • Best Business Practices to Make Your Business Boom
  • Top 10 Franchises for Couples in Business
  • How to Sing the Praises of Your Unsung Hero (Supportive Spouse)
  • Fair Fighting Skills: How to Turn Hostility into Harmony
  • Networking to the National and Worldwide Level
  • Best Trends and Tips for Entrepreneurial Couples
  • Tripple your income & intimacy with each others top 5 strengths


  • Meet and learn from some of the worlds best entrepreneurial couples
  • Hear their struggles and succeses from a variety of business ventures
  • Ask questions to couples who are on the cutting edge of love and business
  • Network and rub elbows with other couples making 6 and 7 figure incomes

Most monthly mastermind programs will run you and your spouse $300-$1,500 per month easily.
My program is a tax deductable $97 dollar monthly investment for a limited time.
This is a month to month program that you can cancel at any time with no problems.
Sign up now for a limited time $1 dollar trial offer for the first month.

As a bonus, I’ll rush you my report “13 Strategies to Prosper in Business and Love”.

Married to Your Boss

Be prepared! A side effect of my Married To Your Boss Mastermind Program is…
increased profit, a happier marriage, outrageous success and rewarding lifestyle!
Yes! It’s that good.

You can be happily married to your boss!

Brent O’Bannon
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P.S.-Contact me today and learn how you’ll benefit from this amazing program.

My Personal Married to Your Boss Mastermind Club Satisfaction Guarantee

Participate fully in the entire Married to Your Boss Mastermind Program. After 12 months you don’t agree that you’ve gained the skills, tools, and insights needed to achieve greater purpose, passion, and profit in 2010 and beyond…simply let me know. You will receive a prompt, courteous refund of your entire investment.  Come join Married to Your Boss Mastermind for outrageous success today.

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